It's not just Dream Guitar - It's an Inevitable Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster®

I remember the day Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed, I was eight years old. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t mad, angry or depressed. Reminiscent thoughts weren’t circling in my head…it was just passing news to an eight-year-old boy.

There was however, the intriguing bewilderment of a legend lost. Why was HE so special? What would his music become?

There was this wonderment of sorrow every time “The Sky is Crying” crackled on the radio. From the eight-year-old boy to this 36-year-old man, that same familiar feeling strikes when I hear his music. A recollection and connection I have to my youth that will never subside so long as music is alive. So long as Texas Blues is alive. So long as the guitar remains a tool of expression.

To me, his signature strat is not so much a dream guitar, but a nostalgic piece of my existence. A fountain of youth. A way of connecting my future self to a long-gone day of incorruptible youth. Dream gear is often delegated to the unattainable, to an absurd amount money, or for the rarity in the likes of nonexistence. But I believe dreams should be attainable. A belief that when I need it, I’ll get it. You know, SRV never actually had the chance to hold a genuine reproduction of his beloved “Number One”.  Luckily for me, my SRV Signature Strat is waiting for me – when I’m ready!

Photo of Fender SRV Strat courtesy of Anthony S. owner and talent of Texas Blues Alley. 

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