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What the hell is EDC and how do you know I have one?

In the most literal and basic form it represents your everyday carry – or what you put in your pockets or your bag on a daily basis. Let’s ask a question: have you ever subconsciously tapped your pockets before locking the door behind you as you leave the house? Is your wallet there, do you have your keys? For most men and even most women the answer is yes. You have an EDC! In its basic form, but you have and EDC. It’s no surprise however, that some people obsess over it – spending large amounts of time and money in search of their perfect carry. Guess what, the perfect carry almost never finds them; and us included. While we...

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Start a business the EASY way!

For as long as I can remember or at least as long as I’ve been a working adult, I’ve been what some might call, a serial entrepreneur. I had more ideas than time could conceive. Year by year would go by and I would have put together outlines of one, two, maybe three different companies some of which were actually very good and probably could have provided for me and my family. But there was always a hurdle that I just could never get over, and even today I don’t know what that is, was, or how to spot it. But it always occurred, and never did I move forward with any great intensity.  Gatsby and Bootlegger is a culmination...

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