Thank you and Welcome to Gatsby and Bootlegger

Thank you! Thank you so much for being among the first to join our community of followers, customers and loyal bootleggers. We officially launched on August 1st of this year, believe it, a mere 30 days ago? It’s true. Not for many years like so many have thought...but 30 days.

This company was built one brick at a time, two steps forward and one step back. Every. Single. Day. Before we knew it, and before we actually decided to move forward with a “real” company, we had made progress. The progress we needed to bring our vision to the masses and adopt a philosophy of man. That each of us is either a “Gatsby” or a “Bootlegger” or a combination of the two. An Extrovert or an Introvert. A City Urbanite or one with nature. We can be defined in many ways, its only human to do so, yet we are simply Men and simply Women each with our own unique characteristics which define us.

Now that brings me to this: and I'll say it only briefly.

There are  some really gnarly things happening here in the U.S. these days and it's really unsettling. For all men, and women, who do good things - We stand behind you - We welcome you to our community - and for those "lost" right now, find a new path. Look for ways to be better.  Rest assured we are a company with strong morals, high regard for our country and its history, and most importantly inclusive to those that don't look like us, act like us, dress like us, or talk like us.

Our name is not Gatsby OR Bootlegger.

We are Gatsby AND Bootlegger!  And we ARE a community of pretty awesome dudes!

Thank you for being here, if you liked what you've seen so far, you're really going to like what's coming up in the next few months.

Cheers from G and B HQ


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