About Us

Wander often, wonder always!

Gatsby and Bootlegger was built on the premise that all men have the need and desire to be prepared in life. That preparedness demands quality and durable goods, goods that you wear, goods that you carry and goods you consistently use. We hold the highest regard for our hardworking brothers in America.  Because of this, we will always continue to deliver and promote the values of Made in American excellence through its artisanal know-how and superior hands on craftsmanship.

Made in America is one thing: Made for US, is another; and because of that and despite our emphasis on Made in America, you may find the best goods we carry aren’t made in the states, they could come from Canada, the U.K., France, or anywhere else producing high quality goods. 

Its not about Me, its not about Us, its about YOU, and we’re gonna do our best to supply YOU with the best products we can get our hands on.

Gatsby - - A man who lives for the city, an Urban adventurer. Button Ups and Bow ties to ripped jeans and rustic tees. Carries the key to the city and everything in it from City Hall to the most beautiful abandonment's, a Gatsby seeks beauty made by man.
Bootlegger - - A man who strives for solitude, an Outdoor Adventurer.  Rough, tough, and with a whisper of mischief. A bootlegger knows the backwoods and yearns to see everything and anything never seen by another man.

WHO are you?

We are a husband and wife team who value experiences, who need experiences, and will do anything to make those experiences better. The right clothes, the right gear, and the right mindset mean everything. We created this company much like many other American entrepreneurs: by accident and through necessity.  Life is an adventure...Join us, Shall you?